Dank Memes
Mr. Heike Dank
, born HM Prince Royal Dansk on April 1, 1971, is a Danish prince turned satire writer. He is the son of Bob Ross, the King of Denmark since June 8, 2004. He is left uncredited by Eiichiro Oda in creating the pirate manga One Piece which gave its pirate theme and being a Shonen series not centered on breasts (unlike those out there, I know who you are). He is the real form of Mister T (not Mr. T.), Oda's right hand man (Gaimon being the left hand man and Bob Ross being the backbone and trinity extra) and the only person who is responsible for bringing Mangapnda scanlations to life. He is renowned for being the third member of Daft Punk, the fifth Bootleg Beatle and the creator of Dank Memes.


By MBTI personality tests, he is an INFJ, the rarest personality type of all. He is also classified as happy, sarcastic, sloppy and prefer to work alone and is usually not energetic. He used to be a conservative and always supports pro-life and frequently destroyed Planned Parenthood stores until he met Donald Trump. Now he will vote instead for Harland Sanders from the Democratic Party and support the liberal socialist cause, which is basically center-right.


Hailing from the world of Saints Row in the Rockstar North studios in South Africa, he is not given any Devil Fruit. He is instead given the six forbidden powers of the Sinumpang Prutas: Telekinesis, Super Sprint, Super Jump, Death from Above, Buff, North Korean Nukes plus his ultimate skill, the Lasagna Blade. He also does not pass out because he has infinite stamina and he is not a Canadian Tire product. He is also the smartest person alive because most of his jokes require jihadist-level understanding of sarcasm, or maybe not because he makes Mangapanda because of his golden English translating skills that made Kaido and his minions put them altogether in one page. He does not have Haki because it's too mainstream and he can otherwise make Luffy suffer slowly through his telekinesis, aside from a solid rock will.

His only weapon is his hat, which becomes a spear launcher. The next time he goes to war, he will wear traditional Klansmen clothing because the hat got rekt.


"You mean the One Direction song right?"  -Dank

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