"Save the One Piece Wiki Anime Coalition Party" redirects here. Hover around the censored images to understand it deeply because it contains content that is insane in the brain.

Girl is the chiefly Censored mispronunciation of the name Censored. "Girl" is the leader of the Censored, who was banned for witchcraft after playing Censored with other One Piece Wiki users. He was finally axed by the Censored Save the One Piece Wiki Anime Coalition Party and created a rule that will Censored discourage members from copying his example.


Girl used to be a human from Censored. He is just like all One Piece Wiki editors and was one of the most active in the Wiki and the first person who had 20,000 edits followed by Censored (sorry, I mean this girl) and Yata, as well as the only one who had 50,000 edits other than the Censored itself. One day, he created the Censored and it says that the Manga should reign over the Anime in forms of imaging. However, the rule was opposed Censored. This urged him and his fellow Sewil to attack One Piece Wiki by reverting manga images back to their anime forms Censored. This sparked several edit wars between them and the rest of the One Piece Wiki world. The rest of the One Piece wiki world created an CensoredCensored organization called the Save the One Piece Wiki Anime Coalition Party.

Save the One Piece Wiki Anime Coalition PartyEdit

The Save the One Piece Wiki Anime Coalition Party is a liberal socialist organization Censored that is concerned on making the anime an important way of illustrating Censored. The party is comprised of users from Censored. The party then created the Church of Canon, the official religion of this wiki where Canon is god and there is also a FakeTriangle where Censored. They believe Censored. That's all for today, Censored.

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