The World Government is a cluster of boring people who rued the world of One Piece since the fall of the Great Kingdom.

They set up 3 rules for the world to follow:

  • No fun
  • No being creative
  • And absolutely no freedom!

But for some reason, people of the world are still happy, as long as they can still touch themselves at night.

They are a rascist bunch as they are known to hate historians who wanted to know about the Great Kingdom and enjoys killing criminals like piece of trash.

They even have World Nobles who are stoned hippies that were decedents of 20 Kings who were angry at the Great Kingdom for not letting them smoke weed and overthrew them and bend togather to form a band called "World Government" that eventually got the world togather.

They are greatest enemy of Monkey D. Luffy and Katy D. Perry who decided to sail the seas and find Roger's shiny toy called One Piece and make the world a fun place.

They hate Katy D. Perry because her songs kept getting firecrackers out of people's chest and unintentionally starting a revolutionaries.

The World Government employs party poppers whos attempt is to bring law and order to the world and keep it as boring as possible.

They are ran by the Patriots, an AI made to create the war economy. Big D. Boss has made it his life long will to either destroy them, or make love to them. Fans believe the latter.

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